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Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we frequently do business everywhere in the British Isles. We offer a variety of affordable high-end machines, from the simple to the fancy, to individual customers as well as businesses. Restaurants and hotels are among our best customers. R & R Coffee Supplies supports fair trade and offers many fair trade certified coffees.

Group machine

The Bambino is the best selling and best-known machine that R & R Coffee Supplies has to offer. Intended mostly for hotels and restaurants but also available to private customers, the Bambino is an automatic machine well suited for rapidly serving your customers. You are not likely to find a better combination of price and quality than our group machine, as it is surprisingly affordable for a high-quality machine.

The Bambino is a well respected and reliable brand, made by the only British manufacturer of espresso and coffee machines. Our group machine is very programmable without being unnecessarily difficult to understand. As long as the beans and water are of high quality, our group machine is sure to produce excellent coffee.

Bean to cup

Nothing tastes better than coffee from a bean to cup machine. Instead of merely using already ground coffee, a bean to cup machine works with fresh coffee beans, grinding and brewing coffee in a single process.

Our bean to cup machine includes three canisters, with one for milk as well as for chocolate and coffee beans. Those who have tried coffee from a Bean to cup machine know that it tastes noticeably better than coffee from other types of coffee makers. 

Filter Coffee

If you are interested in brewing a great deal of coffee in a short period, a filter machine is your best bet. Our filter machines can hold 1.7 litres of water, preventing them from having to be frequently refilled when your hotel or restaurant is busy.

The coffee containers are fully detachable and can be moved around the store to serve the needs of your customers. Unlike our bean to cup machines, our Novo filter machines will run without a water connection.

A leading British coffee supply company

R & R Coffee Supplies has been proudly supplying hotels and restaurants all over the British isles for years. Our best selling coffee bean brands are Cafe Roma, Douwe Egbert, and the Italian Lavazza.

We are proud supporters of workers rights in Latin America and purchase our coffee from fair trade sources.

As well as coffee beans and coffee machines, we also sell condiments such as delicious Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut. Our diverse products include distinctive cups, biscuits, hot chocolate, teas, and anything else you might need to run a successful coffee shop.

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